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Health and Benefits

Many healthcare plan providers struggle with the need to manage communications for traditional plans while learning the new, more complex requirements for individual plans. The landscape for marketing has changed as well with increased requirements for respectful and compliant personalization, targeted communication design, and response tracking.  Creating an environment that balances effective governance with effective marketing and customer relationship management can be a daunting challenge.

At Gooding Communications Group, we help control costs while helping our clients develop effective communication techniques to give members and care providers the communication results they need.

  • Preparing for direct-to-consumer plans and related regulatory changes.
  • Coordinating and personalizing printed and electronic communications with effective information graphics.
  • Creating effective governance documentation for use in developing multi-channel communications.
  • Using plain language and effective design to drive members toward desired behaviors such as choosing low cost self-service channels or making healthy life choices.
  • Helping in-plant production centers drive down production costs through process design or infrastructure changes.
  • Evaluating statement and bill messaging (Transpromo) as an opportunity to improve service, cross-sell products or reduce costs through carefully selected third-party marketing.