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Service Providers

For our customers who support our other customers, the challenges are unique and wide-ranging.  They run the gamut from evaluating design strategy, enabling their customers to take best advantage of their production capabilities, to creating integrated marketing and sales programs for themselves. With increasing competition, they also need technology evaluations and process re-engineering services to expand their service offerings, drive down costs and improve quality.

By investing in ongoing research and managing regulated business communications, we have helped our service provider clients to better understand their target markets, top capabilities and operational limitations:

  • Performing competitive analysis that shows clients where they stand in the marketplace.
  • Evaluating capabilities and mapping to vertical market requirements.
  • Identifying attractive market niches and differentiators.
  • Developing supporting materials and sales training.
  • Identifying and vetting potential partners to expand service offerings as sales channels
  • Creating ¬†vertical market design templates to drive down service costs

Our quest for new ways to enhance business development, production and distribution processes helps us bring client value through:

  • Redesign of sales, marketing and client on-boarding processes for increased success.
  • Change management processes that capture additional revenue and build loyalty.
  • Identifying operational improvements using existing equipment or through structured upgrade to specific production components.