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Technology Providers

Suppliers of document automation, marketing automation and printing and mailing technology often struggle to make their capabilities understood by non-technical buyers, or by buyers who don’t specialize in business communications. The technical capabilities of the latest software and hardware for producing and managing business communications can be difficult to explain as are the nuanced requirements for producing particular types of documents within vertical markets.

At Gooding Communications Group, we have extensive experience with researching and defining the business case for adoption of new technologies. Our skill and experience helps technology suppliers to better understand their value in the market place and to make themselves better understood by potential customers:

  • Conducting primary research with customers and prospects to understand the factors influencing technology adoption
  • Defining solution capabilities in a way that eliminates technical jargon and maps capabilities to specific customer requirements
  • Developing business case templates to project the multi-year impact of pricing decisions and help customers understand the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Providing competitive assessments of technical capabilities and brand perception
  • Developing vertical market sales training and marketing materials