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2015 Inkjet Summit

Synopsis of 2015 Inkjet Summit where Elizabeth Gooding served as advisor and track chair for the transaction printing segment.

In Plant Graphics highlighted

“Transaction printing continues to lead other print market segments in terms of annual inkjet pages printed. This is not surprising since early adopters in this segment tended to be very large players looking for the efficiency of driving many millions of pages per month through a “white-paper factory.”  Mid-tier players have been key adopters of inkjet over the past two to three years, and many of those companies are now shopping for additional devices.

To date, reaching an economic volume threshold to justify inkjet has been the biggest barrier to adoption. Without sufficient volume to drive high-productivity devices, many smaller transaction printing enterprises and in-plants could not make the business case for investment.”

And from Printing Impressions:

“Volumes like these, however, could not have been achieved without preparing customers for the changes they will have to make to accommodate inkjet. Modifications to file preparation and design are required, noted Elizabeth Gooding, so customers must be educated long in advance. Dispel their preconceived notions about inkjet quality, the type of work inkjet is good for and environmental concerns, she said. Educate them about substrate availability. Show them samples so they’re prepared for the way their pieces will look on inkjet papers.”

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