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2016 Inkjet Summit – Key Takeaways

Returning from another year on the Advisory Board of the Inkjet Summit, Elizabeth Gooding reports:

Transaction printers seeking to invest in inkjet, as well as those who already have, cited “the ability to take on new business or create new offerings” as the top benefit from investing in inkjet, according to NAPCO Research and commentary from speakers and attendees during the 2016 Inkjet Summit.

Survey data from current and past conference attendees also show that transaction printers who invest in inkjet are branching out into new areas. According to 2015 and 2016 data on Inkjet Summit attendees, only 10% of transaction printing companies with inkjet offer transaction printing exclusively. Conversely, approximately 60% of transaction printing companies with inkjet are doing at least 35% non-transaction printing work.

Allstate Insurance, for example, purchased inkjet to streamline its in-plant transaction printing operations, but more than half of the inkjet production volume now comes from insourced direct mail. Other companies are filling the valleys between operational peaks with posters, branch materials, custom newsletters or, in the case of in-plants like Urban Lending Solutions, taking on outside work.

However, there are challenges to taking on new types of work, such as ensuring compatible workflows, creating the in-house knowledge base on new applications, and the potential need for new software or technology. Many Inkjet Summit attendees also felt that legacy business models and selling approaches were a barrier to creating new offers.


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