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Back from Xplor – Learned a Lot

I just returned from the Xplor conference in Orlando. While the association may never be as large or as successful as it was at its peak when several thousand people attended the conference and show floor, under the guidance of Skip Henk the association has rebounded from previous mismanagement and weathered a business climate that obliterated many other events of its kind. I try to donate some of my time every year to non-profit events like this one and I find that I get as much as I give. This was a content-packed event covering a wide range of topics of interest to printers and print buyers alike – but not so diverse as to be diluted.

I participated in several sessions:

Augmented Reality – the Renaissance of Print with Pat McGrew, Jonathan McGrew, Don Scrima and the irrepressible Deborah Corn (Ambassador to the PrintVerse)

Think Ink – How Production Inkjet Printing is Changing Printer’s Business Models – with Mary Schilling and Mark Wilkes

The closing Analyst panel for the event with Matt Swain, Howie Fenton and Bill McAlpin moderated by Pat McGrew

and last but not least, the REAL Impact of Compliance from which I have included my “Regulatory Top 5 Slide” for your viewing pleasure. If you are interested in any of these topics or want my two cents on why it’s worthwhile to become a member of the Xplor Association don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Regulatory Top 5

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