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Interview: Designing for Inkjet

Elizabeth was recently interviewed by Erik Cagle of Inplant Graphics:

It doesn’t take much prodding to get Elizabeth Gooding engaged on the subject of designing for inkjet. She has no shortage when it comes to insights on the challenges involved in preparing files for inkjet printing. She could write a book on the subject. And that she has.

… designers aren’t trained to produce work for various output devices. Gooding says the problems stem from designers not understanding how the dots go on the paper, and how different types of papers absorb ink. When a job is ticketed for inkjet by nature (read: personalization) the stakes of shorter runs are raised due to the cost of inkjet inks. Adding too much liquid to a page that is twisting and turning can be a costly mistake.

“It just hangs up finishing equipment, or it smudges, smears, runs, doesn’t perf well, doesn’t go in the envelope,” she says. “All of these bad things can happen if the designer doesn’t understand that you can’t put too much ink on the page.

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