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Meet the Group

Elizabeth Gooding

Elizabeth Gooding is the President of Gooding Communications Group and the driving force behind the consistent and well-informed approach GCG brings to its clients.  With oversight on all projects, she provides strategic and technical consulting in the area of relevant, personalized communications that drive positive business results.  Elizabeth conceptualized and co-authored “The Designer’s Guide to Inkjet,” the leading resource for creative professionals trying to optimize designs across channels. Her background bridges information design, technology, process innovation and regulatory compliance. Her ability to facilitate consensus while gathering requirements from marketing, IT, customer service and compliance groups is highly valued by GCG clients, as is her quick wit and her ability to make even the most grinding analysis tasks a little more fun.  Her favorite projects are the ones that start out as big, messy problems and end up simplified, successful and measurable.


Tammie Calys

Expert in all things E—

  • Electronic Payment
  • E-Presentment
  • E-Archiving
  • E-Consent
  • E-Marketing

Tammie Calys understands how to get business communications online and how to get consumers off print.  She even makes it look easy.  With successes delivering innovative solutions and strategic consulting within marketing, operations, finance, supply chain and information technology, she knows how to bring teams together to achieve quantum leap improvements in business performance.  Her years of experience within a Fortune 50 company in the execution of strategies around business optimization, workflow automation, and consent marketing allow her to quickly assess the customer’s environment and identify opportunities for improvement.  Tammie works with GCG customers to develop strategy, as well as supporting them with deployment and measurement.


Richard Losch

Expert in all things P—

  • Print
  • Process
  • Procurement
  • Profitability
  • Passion

Richard Losch specializes in driving operational efficiency through technology implementation and exchange, as well as strategic business process analysis. Things that don’t work well really get under his skin, so he enjoys fixing problems. Persnickety perhaps, but that’s what makes him so good at helping customers in the business communications industry to improve operating margins and quality and to integrate manufacturing, distribution, and service operations.  Richard’s operating experience includes management of transaction print and direct mail marketing, as well as fulfillment operations and competitive analysis and positioning. Richard has been responsible for evaluating print services technology and analyzing non-print value-added services, as well as helping companies to position themselves for acquisition and identify companies to acquire.  He has developed and implemented several plans for facility expansions to support growth and expand capabilities. Richard’s favorite projects involve breaking down functional silos and helping people to be more productive with new skills and tools.  Richard is also passionate about his favorite cause and charity,  Stand Up 2 Cancer, and relaxing with his ABC’s—Autos, Boats, and Cycles.


Debra McMahon

  • Process Optimizer
  • Operations Expert
  • Cat Herder

Debra McMahon is a trend spotter.  Early on, she recognized that companies are increasingly challenged to grow or even maintain profits in a world of overcapacity.  She saw that nearly every company creates inefficiencies over time, which affect quality, cycle time, and cost.  With many years of business process consulting and senior management experience in single and multi-site organizations, Debra has become expert at spotting positive and negative trends within organizations and finding ways to support the positive and eliminate the negative.  As a senior consultant, she draws on her experience in rapid facility growth, consolidations, and turnarounds, driving a culture of repeatable and sustainable performance improvements through rapid assessments, training and implementation—and herding cats when necessary.