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Marketing and Sales Support

“The cobbler’s children have no shoes”

It’s fairly ironic that the very companies positioning themselves to support the business communications needs of other companies often don’t have time to develop a cohesive communications strategy for themselves. Sometimes the problem is simply that your technical solution has evolved and the sales team has not evolved with it. Other times it just takes an outside catalyst to make a good marketing and sales team great again.

At Gooding Communications Group we help service providers and technology firms to reassess their marketing and sales programs to develop leads and close prospects more efficiently.


  • Reviewing and updating key messages for suitability to target markets
  • Conducting primary and secondary research to develop competitive positioning recommendations and identify key solution differentiators
  • SWOT analysis of current offers
  • Identification and recommendation of potential channel partners
  • Designing vertical market samples to add credibility to presentations
  • Providing educational material on key trends, regulations and business requirements in the target vertical markets we serve
  • Providing educational materials and research to firms wanting position full-color production or Transpromo services with clients
  • Creating powerful infographics that sum up key differentiators quickly and clearly
  • Encouraging the use of your own technology to meet your marketing needs


  • A unified sales and marketing approach that drives new business.
  • Easily maintainable marketing materials
  • A sales force fully prepared to position your products with target vertical markets