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Merger & Acquisition Support

“It’s about more than the numbers”

Companies look at Mergers and Acquisitions for all kinds of reasons—to expand their capabilities, to increase their client base or just to increase their leverage in the marketplace.  Most wouldn’t consider going into an M&A negotiation without an advisor, but typical M&A advisors are focused on the deal-the structure and the numbers- not the overall success of the company.

We support the M&A process in several ways:


  • Review of critical operational factors including procurement, systems, inventory management and equipment and labor utilization.
  • Analysis of market/customer concentration – a critical but often missed M&A success factor.
  • Review of merger/acquisition communication strategies to employees, customers and the market.
  • Analysis of capabilities and skill sets for overlaps, gaps and competitive positioning
  • Sales and marketing support for integration.
  • Detailed process evaluation and workflows pre-transaction and post-transaction.
  • Integration project management support.


  • Position owners for a better offer and successful earn-out period.
  • Achieve profitability targets faster benefiting investors and those with an earn-out.
  • Help investors avoid technically incompatible mergers or surprise investment requirements.
  • Reduce owner and investor risks from non-financial factors.
  • Provide detailed pre- and post-transaction process maps and integration roadmaps to get owners and investors moving in the same direction.
  • Offer objective review of “best approach” to overlapping capabilities to avoid culture wars in merged organizations.