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Process Optimization (aka making things work better)

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Despite the creative grammar, this phrase is commonly accepted as wisdom. Most companies aspire to have efficient, consistent and scalable business processes yet few will consider process innovation until the entire system, and the people responsible for it, are near the breaking point.

Many companies today put up with manual business processes, or manual intervention in automated processes, underutilization of technology, process bottlenecks or simply lack of process documentation and training. Each of these is costing you money and may be costing you customers..

Our focus and expertise is in fixing process problems related to business communications such as:

  • Helping corporations streamline the creative and approval process for multi-channel communication
  • Ensuring compliance and reducing costs through review of archival, records retention and print suppression processes
  • Finding new revenue and reducing costs through a review of service provider or internal production processes

Business Process Optimization (BPO) is an important tool to help an organization drive tangible results. Our consultants’ depth of experience leading BPO initiatives and hands-on experience in the industries we serve, allows us to deliver lasting results for our clients. We consider process design to be a key ingredient of any marketing, creative or technical initiative.


  •  Process mapping of current and desired state
  •  Gap Analysis covering key functional and performance dimensions to determine current level of effectiveness
  • Detailed analysis of sub-par performance areas with recommendations for business process optimization
  • Business Process Improvement roadmap
  • Prioritize implementation steps and develop action plansTransformation evaluation—develop Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis where technology investments are under consideration
  • Define training and knowledge requirements (problem solving tool sets)


  • Improved operating performance and metrics management
  • Sustainably reduced costs
  • Improved quality and customer satisfaction
  • Increased revenues and margins through change management
  • Documentation and training necessary to continue driving operational efficiency
  • Better positioning for growth or acquisition