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Technology and Outsourcing Evaluations

“Did you buy that, or did you get sold?”

It’s amazing how many companies will enter a major purchase negotiation armed only with an idea to do exactly what they’re doing now, but cheaper. Or worse – with an incomplete picture of the current cost, and how their business processes and technologies currently work together.

Since print, document management solutions, e-presentment and marketing automation technologies are constantly advancing and your business is constantly changing, gathering requirements and understanding current capabilities is a must before engaging in a Request for Proposal (RFP) or purchase negotiation.

In addition to thinking about what to buy and who to buy it from, there are ever-evolving options for how to buy: purchase, lease, software- as-services, cloud-based computing, outsourcing companies and various combinations of these.

We work with buyers and sellers of business communications solutions, constantly keeping up-to-date with best practices and new technical capabilities and competitive positioning so that our clients buy what they need when they need it, priced appropriately and in a way that is scalable and supportable.

Ask us what “appropriately priced” means.”


  • Big picture view of all the functional areas impacted by the change—a no surprises approach.
  • Business requirements analysis and questionnaires to quickly document and prioritize key features
  • Business process analysis of current solutions and vendors to provide an objective basis for comparing to proposed solutions.
  • Customer education on currently available capabilities in areas such as digital color printing, document automation, ePresentment, consent marketing, and marketing automation.
  • Technical consultation on Request for Proposal development including writing, reviewing, interviewing, site visits (where applicable) and support in contract negotiations.


  • Overall operational efficiency
  • More productive, effective and objective RFP management
  • Faster access to qualified suppliers
  • Complete understanding of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and investment business case
  • Efficient new process workflow
  • Reduced implementation cycle times
  • Avoid buying solutions you don’t need